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Sliding Doors

Patio Sliding Door

Aluminium Sliding Doors are hard wearing aluminium doors that has been designed to meet the specifications laid down by AAAMSA.

Aluminium Patio Sliding Doors are designed to have multiple panels in a triple track. The maximum width and maximum heights applies. These aluminium sliding patio doors are glazed with laminated or toughened glass. Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors have long been appreciated by architects and builders for their neat aesthetic appearance and their versatility. Sidelights and toplights can be fitted with these sliding doors and a fly screen is also available.
Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors open up your living area and give you uninterrupted views.Aluminium Sliding Doors are Strong, Neat, Low Maintenance and Long-lasting.

Heavy Duty Sliding Door

Our Aluminium Sliding Door is a heavyweight Aluminium door that has been designed to meet the specifications laid down to accommodate the higher wind speed and deflection needs.
Our Aluminium Sliding Doors can be designed so that any number of the panels slide. The Aluminium Sliding Doors are perfect for any environment where you would expect high wind speeds. The Aluminium Sliding Door is suitable for Double Glazing. Aluminium Sliding Doors can be installed with sidelights or with top lights, and aluminium window inserts can be built into the final fixed panel in order to substitute for a sidelight should there be insufficient space for it. The aluminium windows can be custom made to suit your requirements.
Our Aluminium Sliding doors are a safer solution for smaller places than conventional swinging doors, they take up ten times less space and they will never slam in a strong wind.