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Sliding Folding Door

Vistafold Sliding Folding

Vistafold Sliding Folding Doors have become the most popular new aluminium doors with architects, builders and home owners. Vistafold Sliding Folding Doors slide smoothly along the track to either one side or two sides, allowing uninterrupted views. These are the definitive way of combining indoor and outdoor living. All of┬áPremium Aluminium’s folding aluminium doors are custom made to match your individual needs.

Vistafold Sliding Folding Doors comes with Laminated Safety glass, but you can also order double glazing should you so wish. The size and number of panels in Vistafold Sliding Folding Doors varies with the width of the opening, but the standard height is 2100 mm. Vistafold Sliding Folding Door system is extremely versatile and durable. The bottom rolling system is virtually maintenance free apart from the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to eradicate dust and grime.
Other features include:
– Maximum panel width of 900 mm.
– Maximum door height of 3000 mm.
– Double neoprene seals which ensure the system is weatherproof.
– Hard-wearing and durable fittings.
– A quiet, smooth operation of the running mechanism.
– Easy to clean and operate.
– Safe and secure