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Stackaway & Fold-a-side

Aluminium Stackaway Doors

As with the sliding folding doors, these doors give you a 100% opening. The difference is that the doors are not hinged together as in the sliding folding doors but rather a series of individual doors that lock into each other.

Advantages of Aluminium Stackaway Doors

  • Track can be hidden in the ceiling.
  • No floor track is used thereby allowing a level uninterrupted floor. This is ideal for shops or verandas with a large overhang.
  • Doors can be “parked” far away from the opening, thus making them disappear.

Disadvantages of Aluminium Stackaway Doors

  • Can never be 100% weatherproof as there will always be a gap on the top and bottom of the door.
  • Must be top hung so there has to be a secure structure above the door.